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We were once called Consulting Associates International, Inc., and the School of Holistic Management. These organizations have been modernized into Mindful Mastery, LLC. Many of the old tools have been upgraded and renamed. The Personal Style Inventory is now online as the Reality Security Inventory. The Management by Virtue seminar has been enhanced and given the new name of Harness the Power of Stress, A New View of Stress.


What was once only presented live in a 4-day seminar has been reconstructed into options of live, online, and hybrid courses and workshops. It is now possible for students and clients to receive the benefits of knowledge and experiences using the Reality Security Inventory with online products.


We are very thrilled to be able to present all of our products in a manner that allows for coaching, repetition, and reinforcement to enhance skill development, retention of knowledge, and desired results. This website will introduce you to the products that are currently available.


"I have seen positive growth and development in my direct management team as a result of working with Margo."
- Ralph C. Osgood, Assistant Director, Business and Professions Division, Department of Licensing, State of Washington



Are You Showing Up as Your Best Self or From Your Stressed Self?


  • Do you ever find yourself saying something – that your mind just told you would create a problem if you said it – but you said it anyway?

  • What about when someone asks you a question and you find yourself evading the question – by talking around the issue rather than answering questions – simply because you are not sure what the right answer is?

  • Maybe you find yourself frustrated because you keep saying the same thing over and over to someone and they can’t seem to hear or understand what you are saying.

  • What about when you keep trying new actions to please someone and they don’t seem to even notice what you have been doing – especially when working to accomplish something in exactly the manner you were instructed to do so?

If you can relate to any of these issues, you may be interested in WHY these situations happen over and over again and what is going on inside of you when they do happen.  These particular issues are some of the common occurrences that I have helped many, first, to recognize and, secondly, to address in their own lives.

You see, the personality is, indeed, tricky as it has two faces that show themselves at different times.  And each of these faces looks different since each one is motivated by its own beliefs, values, emotions, and thoughts – which often are in conflict with those of the other face.

These faces look different because they reflect different behaviors and attitudes toward the same issue. Often, one shows itself under normal or usual conditions and the other shows itself under stress.  The divergence between these two faces can range from extreme to slight, depending on the individual. Each of these faces brings out a particular set of characteristics in behavior that is very different from the other face.

We often wonder why we act in the ways we do – even when we don’t want to like it.  We think it is a mystery.

Sometimes, the shift in one’s personality between normal conditions and being under stress can cause confusion, fear, and most of all, the feelings of being out of control. All of these internal and conflicting feelings lead to challenges in listening, responding, and acting to create any forward movement with effectiveness and productivity.

In fact, the ‘stress’ response often causes just the opposite effect.  It causes a stalemate, a control struggle, a reversal in movement, a halt in productivity, discouragement, bitterness, revenge, and emotional upheaval to the point of being immobilized.

Because these are issues of behavior in human relations, they are not limited to either the workplace or the home, they are pervasive in all life situations.

Yet, while these beliefs and behaviors seem to be innate, it is possible to change the beliefs and behavior that do not serve us. Did you know that you can learn to understand your own normal and stress response conditions? Through self-awareness about your own personality, you will recognize and recalibrate your responses, especially when under stress, taking you back into the ways you normally would respond to situations and conflicts, when not under stress.  It seems like an almost magical process!

If what I am saying resonates with you, I would love to share the ways in which you can learn to relieve yourself of stressful responses and situations that are destructive and detrimental to your well-being, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I have worked with thousands of clients (individuals, companies, and teams) in understanding human behavior and how to work together most effectively. These strategies help everyone involved to find fulfilling resolutions to these circumstances mentioned above (and more). It’s all about learning about you and how your personality shapes your world.

If you would like to know more about how you (and/or you and others in your life) can learn about your own personalities to live life more fully, fun and more effectively, start with downloading the special report below. 



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Meet Margo Mansfield

With joy and gratitude, I welcome you to an intriguing, enriching, and inspiring world of transformation. Having experienced some life-changing events in my own life, I learned how to guide myself through mindful awareness using the Personal Style Inventory as the starting point. Being introduced to the Personal Style Inventory was my first feeling of hope since my first profound encounter with life; a critical automobile accident. This incident in my life provided me with my first opportunity to encounter a transformation that lasted many years. 

I began my training and consulting business, Consulting Associates International, Inc., using the Personal Style Inventory, renamed the Reality Security Inventory as the primary methodology for initiating purposeful changes in organizations and people's lives. As a result, I led and observed thousands of people and dozens of organizations move through simple change processes, some continuing into major transformations in character and direction.  

Being curious to discover how the personality and the Spirit within us have meshed led me to continue my education, receiving a MA in Humanistic Psychology specializing in Holistic Health Counseling from Antioch University. By this time, I began to understand both the complexity and simplicity of human behavior in the unfolding process of transformation. 

This knowledge base was further augmented by my attendance at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment for 30 years studying the brain, quantum physics, spirituality, and how the personality was often in conflict with the human Spirit. This experience provided me with deeper insight into people's many challenges with change and transformation.  

Becoming certified as a Hypnotherapist from the Wellness Institute of Issaquah, Washington, allowed me to delve into the depths of consciousness that contain experiences woven into patterns that guide our lives and ways in which we can make new choices to change those patterns. 

One additional noteworthy success in my life is having lived through 17 years of my son's addiction. During that often emotionally traumatizing period, the growth that I gained, revealed, and healed some of my innermost afflictions. I faced deciding to have him imprisoned, which became a part of his healing and recovery. Now, five years later, he is grateful, a junior in college and successfully living a clean, sober, and fulfilling life.  

The knowledge and wisdom gained from these experiences have brought me peace, joy, and happiness in my life. Now, I desire to share what I learned from my clients and my personal growth. Allow me to be a part of your journey to unfold the mysteries of your life into treasures of success in making your dreams a reality, self-love, and authentic joy.

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