Thank YOU so very much for taking so much time to chat with me regarding the Inventory!  What an amazing process this has been.  Can’t wait for the group session to put all these terrific tools to use!

- Cj McMullen, Certified Travel Industry Executive


Just wanted to thank you again for the influence you have had with our group of regional managers.  I can confidently say they have “blossomed” as a team.  …Margo, mahalo for being you and sharing your “wisdom” with us.  You have made such a significant impact on our team …probably more than you will ever know.  We appreciate you! 

- Aston Hotels and Resorts, Shirley R. Tsukano, Director of National Sales


On behalf of the 1990 Conference of Civil Service Commissioners and Personnel Directors, we thank you for the thought-provoking presentation on “Changing Attitudes/Approaches.”  Our staunchness to defend the status quo and the desire to remain in a comfort zone often results in resistance to change.  We are enlightened by your presentation and hopeful that some of the changes in the 1990s will originate from within each of us. The conference was a success and you have contributed greatly to the positive feeling that developed there. Please accept our small token of appreciation enclosed.

- Kenneth Y. Nakamatsu, Court Personnel Administrator, Office of the Administrative Director of the Courts, The Judiciary. State of Hawaii


Thank you again for your presentation at our April 3rd seminar.  The preparation and effort you put into your talk was obvious.  You did a great job and we appreciated it very much.  The ideas you shared, I know, is the tip of your knowledge of human relationships.  … Eric and I and many of our managers who have experienced your course believe in your ideas wholeheartedly. 

- Martin C.C. Pun, General Manager, New York Life Insurance Company, Honolulu, Hawaii.


Now it’s my turn to thank you for your part in making our 53rd Annual Convention a success.  Overall, your session was well received by those who attended. …I think you provided our credit unions with some thoughts on change in the work environment and how to deal with it. Change is inevitable.  Within the financial industry, we are seeing a lot of changes through new regulations and member demands.  Dealing with all of this is difficult for many.  I think how you deal with it is a matter of attitude. 

- Clara Temporal, Program & Resource Director, Hawaii Credit Union League


Thank you for being a presenter at our Department of the Navy Employee Development Worldwide Conference.  Your session, “Increasing Self Awareness”, was well received and contributed to the success of our conference.  For many, your presentation gave participants an insight into an area where there had been little exposure. You peaked their interest, leaving them wishing there had been more time to explore all elements of the Personal Style Inventory instrument.  Your thoroughness, enthusiasm, and ability to draw out attendees’ experiences certainly added to the overall effectiveness of your session. Again, thank you for helping to make our conference a success. 

- P.A. Witherspoon, Director, Department of the Navy, Office of Civilian Personnel Management


Thank you very much for coming out to the North Shore Regional Group of Realtors to speak to us.  … I understand the March meeting was one of the most interesting the Group has had.  I look forward to your presentation at the Professional Standards & Arbitration Training retreat soon. 

- Elaine T. Niimi, North Shore Realty, Haleiwa, Hawaii


Thank you so very much for a wonderful training session!  I really enjoyed the time we spent together and I know to speak for the rest of the staff when I express my gratitude for sharing your knowledge with us in such a non-threatening and upbeat manner. 

- Reid Morrison, Executive Director, Hawaii Heart Association


Thank you so much for joining us this morning at the Windward Regional Realtors Group as our featured speaker.  I am sorry that you did not have more time as your subject is VERY near and dear, as only TRUTH can be.  I would hope that from this morning’s endeavor that other opportunities emanate for you to train, console, and reassure.  Stress is kind of like pride – everyone has it  - one just needs to learn to use it to its best advantage rather than letting it do us in

- Jane Claybaugh, Windward Regional Realtors Group,  Kailua, Hawaii


The Management by Virtue style profiles and class sessions gave us a common vocabulary, allowing us to better understand each other and ourselves.  The lesson on letting go of judgments was especially valuable to a number of people who turned out to be on opposite ends of the style scales and often assumed negative reasons for the behavior of others – lack of respect, lack of interest, and weak commitment.  Once they were able to let go of the judgments and understand the other person’s thinking, the hurt feelings were taken out of the equation, and real communication began. 

- Elisabeth James, General Manager, The Westin Seattle Hotel.


Margo, this session has given me an invaluable set of tools to use in leading our team.  I keep the binder on my desk and grab it at least once a day for some insight into a situation.  Several people have suggested that we focus on a specific virtue at our weekly meeting so that we don’t let the learning fade.  Of course, we still struggle and bang into each other’s priorities, but now we have a common vocabulary – and mutual trust – to address it openly and work to a resolution.  We have agreed to see the value in negative feedback and disagreement, as an opportunity for growth rather than as a personal affront. 

- Elisabeth James, General Manager, The Westin Seattle Hotel


We learned that the problems we were having were not about the other person’s response, but about our approach to them.  Her coaching helped us empathize with others, achieve an even-tempered work environment, and helped supervisors learn how to bring out the best in themselves and their staff.  She helped me understand that my preconceptions and approach affected how others heard me.  Her guidance improved my management tactics and communication skills, which produced quite good results. 

- Albert Y. Kanno, President, Safety Systems Hawaii, Inc.


The Department of Licensing began working with Margo Mansfield and Consulting Associates International, Inc., as a part of our Leadership Training program …  She conducted a 4-day training, Management by Virtue I, for our top leadership team. – practical and instructional training that was also fascinating and fun.  Margo was able to clearly define and explain the meaning of emotional intelligence and helped us develop an awareness and knowledge of its importance in the work environment.  Margo was extremely competent in not only her presentation methods but also in her ability to identify and address points of concern and lack of understanding in each and every one of the participants.  We walked into the training as separate individuals and walked out of the training as a much more compassionate and tolerant team armed with a wealth of knowledge to use in the future. 

- Alan Haight, Deputy Director, Department of Licensing, State of Washington


Using her Management by Virtue Personal Style Inventory, Ms. Mansfield has coached the agency’s senior leaders to better utilize their inherent strengths and identify areas for improvement. These skills have proven invaluable to these leaders, both as individuals and as a leadership team. 

- Jan Smallwood, Human Resources Director, Department of Licensing, State of Washington


I have seen positive growth and development in my direct management team as a result of working with Margo.  Communications have improved, proactive coaching and mentoring is taking place, performance expectations are being communicated more clearly, the performance evaluation process is improving, and managers are actually using the tools and concepts in their day-to-day management responsibilities.  Margo has made a difference and it continues each and every day. 

- Ralph C. Osgood, Assistant Director, Business and Professions Division, Department of Licensing, State of Washington


Margo has fulfilled our expectations in the delivery of her professional services.  Her 30-plus years of working with organizations to develop strong effective interpersonal skills and increased performance within work groups has honed her skills to an exceptional degree.  She has the unique ability of being able to address difficult issues, identify underlying causes and the impact of behavior while conveying support for the individual without judgment.  Intrinsic in her interactions with people is a foundation for respect and a belief that behavior can change once a person is aware of how they are sabotaging their own results and ultimately their success Margo’s influence and knowledge is demonstratively increasing the effectiveness of our leadership.   

- Susan Thompson, Training Director, Department of Licensing, State of Washington  


Even though I participated in the program led by Margo almost 10 years ago, I am still reaping the benefits.  Learning that feelings, while not facts are necessary information, I should pay attention to.  When I have strong ones, I get curious about what they may be trying to tell me.  This helps center my thinking and allows me to make decisions with more clarity. Also, understanding that most of us are acting under some kind of stress most of the time which can bring out different sides of who we are has been so helpful not just for understanding myself, but others as well.  And lastly, in today’s world, we have to quickly get to know our teammates so we can find ways to work together effectively.  With turnover and job changes happening so frequently, this program really accelerates the speed of getting our relationships in order.  So valuable.

- Christine Ynzunza, Seattle Department of Natural Resources Program, HR Manager III


Congratulations on being named to the Women in Business Committee of the U.S. Small Business Administration. Your selection is a testament to the high regard of your peers, and you will no doubt serve well on the committee.  I am confident that you will assume your responsibilities with the same dedication and excellence characterized by your past endeavors. 

- Spark Matsunaga, U. S. Senator, Hawaii


You have a tremendous ability to make everyone comfortable and feel 'safe' in your seminar.  Nobody ever felt like they were wrong, or their actions were 'bad'.  Instead, everyone got a clear understanding of our differences, and the value that exists by having these differences.  And we've learned what we can each do to work better with each other.  Margo, I can't thank you enough for all you have done. It's once again fun to come to work.  We're all looking forward to our upcoming strategic planning session with you!  Mahalo nui loa!!

- Nancy Bottelo, Executive Director, Special Olympics Hawaii



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