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Coaching and training with organizations are some of my favorite experiences. 

I love sharing what I know about people and how to optimize their interactions with one another.  These packages are designed after many years of working with leaders and teams to find the most collaborative and productive ways of working within a team environment.


"She conducted a 4-day training... for our top leadership team... practical and instructional training that was also fascinating and fun... We walked into the training as separate individuals and walked out of the training as a much more compassionate and tolerant team armed with a wealth of knowledge to use in the future.
- Alan Haight, Deputy Director, Department of Licensing, State of Washington




3R's Organizational Excellence Coaching Plans

Organizational excellence starts with YOU the Leader. 

You, as the leader, will always set an example and tone for your work environment. You inspire your team to anticipate their eagerness to become involved in the coaching process to ensure progress.  The leader's attitude will lay the foundation for all the behavior that follows.  The team reflects leadership.

  • The leader either completed the Reality Security Inventory with the feedback consultation or completed the Personality into Virtue seminar.  Either of these options will be led by Margo Mansfield with her competently trained and seasoned staff.
  • Either experience will focus on the strengths of leadership to identify the desired values and behaviors to be encouraged within the organization.  
  • Recommendations for steps to accommodate the identified values and behavior become apparent to the leadership with the knowledge gained from participation in the Reality Security Inventory consultation or attendance at the seminars featuring the Reality Security Inventory.
  • The leader recognizes and chooses new directions for leading the team into clear and competent methods and strategies for success.  
  • The leader takes steps to Action Planning on the next steps

Then, integrates the Leadership Team.

The leader selects the team of people that are depended upon to get results.  The leader's inspiration prompts the team members to become a part of a new movement within the organization.

  • Team members, based on the decision of the leadership, participate in either the Reality Security Inventory with the consultation or attend seminars featuring the Reality Security Inventory, either in an in-house seminar or a public seminar, both of which are conducted by Margo Mansfield and her competent and seasoned staff.  
  • If the Leader chooses to include the team members in the Harness the Power of Stress seminar, team members will become familiar with one another's Emotional Needs Baseline and Safety Zone enabling the building of relationships and communication strategies.


Begin With a Complimentary Session

The first step is to schedule a complimentary 30-minute session so we can get to know one another and learn more about our goals. If our work together is a good fit, you will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of next steps.

Complete The Reality Security Inventory

  • Find out what causes stress for YOU
  • Pinpoint YOUR thoughts, feelings, and behavior under both usual and stressful conditions 
  • Identify your natural talents/skills under usual and stressful conditions
  • Understand how to leverage emotional intensity to support change and transformation


  • Reality Security Inventory Assessment
  • Corresponding Workbook
  • 90-minute consultation to debrief results

Then Pick from Three Options

Our options provide essential education and support for others within Your organization leading to enhanced performance for everyone.  We can work with specific individuals, a select group, or teams within the organization. 


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