It is inspirational and heartfelt to bring the wealth of legacy knowledge of the Reality Security Inventory, formerly the Personal Style Inventory, to the audience of the world!


The predecessor of Mindful Mastery, LLC., was Consulting Associates International, Inc. and the School of Holistic Management. Both of these entities presented hundreds of workshops and courses over the past 55 years focused on the depth of knowledge to be gained from the Personal Style Inventory/Reality Security Inventory. This precious expertise has been restored and renewed to align with the current cultures within the workplace and in the
social culture in which we reside today.


"The Management by Virtue style profiles and class sessions gave us a common vocabulary, allowing us to better understand each other and ourselves."
- Elisabeth James, General Manager, The Westin Seattle Hotel.

It is an honor to bring forth this heritage of learning to the world in new ways.
Now, it is possible for our workshops and course to be presented online and
in a hybrid fashion in addition to being presented live.


Below, you will find the current list of offers

Please revisit the list from time to time as all the available knowledge will be provided as soon as possible.



Harness the Power of Stress Personal Style Inventory Reunion


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